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  Free   2/20/20   TX   Basketball
Some great plays and players from TX and OK HS
  Free   2/4/20   CO   Basketball
Some great action from the courts and rinks!
  Free   12/18/19   TX   Basketball
Check out some of the best in TX and OK Basketball
  Free   12/12/19   TX   Basketball
TX and OK HS Basketball
  Free   12/6/19   CO   Football
CO HS football 2019 Classic!
  Free   11/25/19   TX   Basketball
Basketball gets rolling
  Free   11/8/19   TX   Football
HS football and volleyball sports highlights from OK, TX
  Free   11/2/19   TX   Volleyball
HS Volleyball and Football from TX and OK
  Free   10/25/19   TX   Football
See some of the best in HS sports from TX and OK
  Free   10/18/19   TX   Football
Some of the best from TX and OK HS Sports
  Free   10/18/19   Natl   Football
HS Sports highlights from around the USA
  Free   10/12/19   TX   Football
Some greats from the recent Vype coverage